Enjoy All Eureka Springs Arkansas & Carroll County Have To Offer


Discover the beauty of Eureka Springs, a peaceful getaway in the heart of the Ozarks. As was once rumored by native tribes, there truly is magic in this little village in the heart of the mountains. Eureka Springs is served by US Highway 62 and State Highway 23.

The eventual foundation of Eureka Springs began as a legend of a "Medicine Spring" that was passed among the region's native tribes. In the late 1800s, word spread to the cities about the marvels of the cool, healing waters of this spring. A few brave people packed everything they owned and headed for our area in search of magical rejuvenation. They discovered a tiny town sprouting to life amidst tall trees and sparkling water flowing from hundreds of surrounding springs. The first health-seekers to arrive are said to have exclaimed, "Eureka! I have found it," and many dedicated themselves to bringing more settlers to share in the "magic".

Average highs in Eureka Springs reach 90 degrees in July and August, with average lows dropping to 25 degrees in January. Rainfall averages 4 inches a month, and snowfall averages 2.6 inches a month from November through March.

Eureka Springs is proud of its well-rated public school system and award-winning students. With 3 public and 2 private schools in the area, local students have a number of options to explore. Colleges and universities within an hour or less of town include the University of Arkansas, John Brown University, North Arkansas Community Technical College and the College of the Ozarks.

Eureka Springs Hospital provides the area quality health services, including occupational, respiratory and speech therapy.

Eureka Springs offers an astounding amount of things to see and do. Museums and antique shops are plentiful in the Historic Downtown Area, which is host to many blocks of Victorian architecture, shops, galleries and hotels.


Beaver Lake, located just west of Eureka Springs, is a great place for anglers to test their skill against a huge variety of fish. To truly enjoy the unique Ozarks scenery, grab a canoe and head for the White River, where you can float past quiet bluffs and old train trestles as you watch the array of wildlife that gathers along the riverbanks.

Festivals are a Eureka Springs specialty. Every year we celebrate blues and jazz music, antique cars, arts and crafts, folk arts, local cuisine and much more. A particular highlight is the May Festival of the Arts, which showcases the best poets, writers, actors and other artists of every medium.

A mild climate, beautiful architecture, excellent education, pristine springs, lovely waterways and a terrific variety of activities to occupy your downtime... what more could you possibly ask for? Eureka Springs has it all. Contact us today so that we can help your dreams of a better life come true.